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Mountain Lake


Grand Valley Air LLC is a family-owned business with offices across the rocky mountain region of the west. As a Hyla EST distributor, our mission is to provide our customers with what they've always deserved: a clean and healthy home.


The Hyla is a 10-in-one unit that fundamentally changes how people maintain and clean their environment. Tens of thousands of our customers have saved in sickness and allergy prevention. Our scientifically certified products reduce airborne particulates, and deep clean the sources of pollution without emitting pollution back into the air. The Hyla purifies while it deep-cleans, sanitizes while it humidifies, and can ionize while it aromatizes the home.


With the longest warranty among air purifiers and cleaning systems, all while utilizing a patented self-cleaning-separator, there is nothing like the Hyla EST on the market. You will not find it at retail stores, and Hyla International nor any of its importers sell the machine online (all Hylas sold online are used or stolen and the sellers don't have access to Hyla parts. Even if they advertise a warranty they cannot fulfill it). The reason? The Hyla must be experienced to be understood. It does not fit into any one category. The Hyla EST is a category unto itself. 

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