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You Deserve Clean Air Too.

Hyla takes inspiration from nature to keep the air inside your home as fresh as can be through the use of water filtration and our patented Clean Air technology.


The HYLA cleans ambient air inside your home to ensure you are always breathing air void of impurities.

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HYLA - Inspired by Nature

Have you ever been outside wishing your home smelt as good as the fresh air? With HYLA now you can! 

This air and room cleaning system filters dirt and dust through a water filtration system that supports your health and contributes to your well-being. Traditional vacuums and filters allow small particles to slip through and release back into your home. Whereas the HYLA's filter only allows fresh, water washed air into your home.

HYLA - Breathe Healthy

Imagine yourself at home, breathing virtually dust-free air. Purchasing a HYLA EST means a huge step in that direction – toward health and well-being. Cleaning the air only a few minutes before going to sleep will provide you with a long night of fresh, clean air, just like after a thundery shower in summer. The lung is one of our most vital and sensitive organs. Every day we breathe in millions of harmful particles and microbes to which our bronchial airways then respond with coughing and irritations. Many children already suffer from chronic respiratory problems. Help yourself and your children to minimize this risk by reducing the number of pollutants in the air.

HYLA Technology

The HYLA EST distinguishes itself by its unique and globally patented Separator Technology. This ingenious technological solution is inspired by a fascinating natural phenomenon – the geyser – and is the essence of the HYLA EST filtration system. As the air and dust enter the HYLA System, the separator creates an upward stream of water. The geyser effect assures optimized filtration that thoroughly washes the air and returns it clean into your home.

HYLA Specs 

The unique HYLA Geyser effect
The HYLA EST filtration system is based on a fascinating natural phenomenon – the GEYSER. The air and dust entering the HYLA water pan through the inlet tube create an upward stream of water – the HYLA Geyser. By creating a mixture of water droplets and dust particles at the separator, this geyser effect ensures optimal filtration. Now the facts in more detail as nothing is more convincing than data and facts:

Maximum power: 730 W

Rotation speed separator: 25,000 rpm

Maximum airflow: 2.5 m3/min

Weight without accessories: 5.5 kg

Dimensions: 34 x 34 x 42 cm

Water pan: 4 l
Connecting cable: 7.5 m

See if you qualify for a complimentary Clean Air Machine!

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